Why Should My Wood Furniture be Stripped?

If you are thinking about removing old paint and varnishes from your wood furniture in order to remake it into something that looks brand new then wood stripping is the way to go. It is the best way to remove all of the old paint and varnish layers leaving the wood bare and letting you start over. Stripping your wood furniture is the best way to make sure everything has been removed and allows you to start anew.


What Type of Wood Finishes are Right for your Project?

Have you been thinking about what look, feel, and maintenance you want for your wood furniture? Determining the type of wood finish to use is all about making sure you know what you want out of it in the end. There are many different types of finishes we offer here which include: Surface Coating, Natural Finishes, Pigmented Finishes, Penetrating Finishes, and Waxing.

4 Reasons to Consider Antique Furniture Restoration

How is that vanity that your great great grandmother had looking? Or how about that desk that has been in the family for generations? Almost everyone has at least one antique that has been in their family for generations that brings you back to memories of lost relatives. Those memories are precious and irreplaceable making it vital to restore and preserve your antique furniture.

Custom Color Matching

Are you a homeowner refinishing your beautiful custom cabinets, only to realize that it seems nearly impossible to find a color of wood stain that will match the color you’re looking for? Are you trying to match the woodwork in a new home but having trouble achieving a specific color? Custom color matching for newly added or repaired woodwork or furniture can be very difficult and time consuming.


Bookcase Refinishing

There are a variety of furniture refinishing projects that can help to bring your antiques, heirlooms or favorite piece of furniture back to life. Whether you choose to refinish your table, chairs, bed, desk, cabinets, or bookcase, you’ll be happy that you did! Today we’ll focus on furniture refinishing for bookcases and bookshelves.

New England Home's 5 Under 40 (2013)

It was wonderful being a  Signature Sponsor for New England Home's 5 Under 40 awards again this year on September 12th. The awards spotlight the hottest emerging talent in residential design in New England, including architecture, home-design products and accessories, interiors, furniture and, new this year, landscape design!

ArchitectureBoston Expo 2012


We are excited to be an exhibitor in this year’s AB Expo, (formerly Build Boston & Residential Design & Construction), one of the largest events for the design and construction industry in the country, and the largest regional conference and tradeshow.

New England Home's 5 Under 40 awards

We were thrilled to become Signature Sponsors for New England Home's 5 Under 40 awards on September 13th. It is a wonderful award and a great platform for new talent in residential design to showcase their work in areas such as architecuture, interiors, furniture, and home design products and accessories. 




How to Maintain Your Exterior Doors

All exterior woodwork especially doors need maintenance every few years. Due to years of exposure to the harsh weather extremes can cause the finish and wood to deteriorate in as little as a few years. 

Is your exterior woodwork correctly cared for? 

Take a closer look......

Is the finish dull, faded or gray?

Is the wood rough or dry to the touch?

Is the color washed-out and finish peeling?

Is it worth it to refinish?

When I am asked this question I nearly always hesitate.  Often, the answer is not so clear cut.  Lets start with the obvious.  You have a dining room table that cost $2500.00 new, is mahogany veneer on a solid substrate, and the finish is worn out.  You also happen to like the table and it fits your living room and matches your server.  This table is clearly worth refinishing.  We can give you a new finish, color match it to the rest of the furniture, and the finish will be twice as durable as what you had before.