Furniture Refinishing

New Year, New Furniture: Restoration, Repair, Refinishing

As a new year begins this is the time where people start saying "new year, new me". Instead, why not new furniture? This is the time to make your plan for the year, finally redesign your kitchen, fix your old antique furniture, or fix/refinish/restore all of your aging furniture.

As time goes on furniture starts to break down through usage, accidents, and damage from water, sun, and more. By making your old furniture new again it can breathe life into a space that has become an eyesore.

Matching Furniture to Your Home

"I found a great piece of furniture, but the color doesn't match my home." Have you said this after finding the perfect piece of furniture? I am sure everyone has at least once after going yard sale hopping, looking through clearance items, or thrift shopping. All are great ways to find unique and amazing furniture for half the cost at a large department store. But what do you do when you've found the exact thing you have been looking for, but it's the wrong color?

Why Should My Wood Furniture be Stripped?

If you are thinking about removing old paint and varnishes from your wood furniture in order to remake it into something that looks brand new then wood stripping is the way to go. It is the best way to remove all of the old paint and varnish layers leaving the wood bare and letting you start over. Stripping your wood furniture is the best way to make sure everything has been removed and allows you to start anew.


What Type of Wood Finishes are Right for your Project?

Have you been thinking about what look, feel, and maintenance you want for your wood furniture? Determining the type of wood finish to use is all about making sure you know what you want out of it in the end. There are many different types of finishes we offer here which include: Surface Coating, Natural Finishes, Pigmented Finishes, Penetrating Finishes, and Waxing.

Bookcase Refinishing

There are a variety of furniture refinishing projects that can help to bring your antiques, heirlooms or favorite piece of furniture back to life. Whether you choose to refinish your table, chairs, bed, desk, cabinets, or bookcase, you’ll be happy that you did! Today we’ll focus on furniture refinishing for bookcases and bookshelves.

Is it worth it to refinish?

When I am asked this question I nearly always hesitate.  Often, the answer is not so clear cut.  Lets start with the obvious.  You have a dining room table that cost $2500.00 new, is mahogany veneer on a solid substrate, and the finish is worn out.  You also happen to like the table and it fits your living room and matches your server.  This table is clearly worth refinishing.  We can give you a new finish, color match it to the rest of the furniture, and the finish will be twice as durable as what you had before.