Bookcase Refinishing

There are a variety of furniture refinishing projects that can help to bring your antiques, heirlooms or favorite piece of furniture back to life. Whether you choose to refinish your table, chairs, bed, desk, cabinets, or bookcase, you’ll be happy that you did! Today we’ll focus on furniture refinishing for bookcases and bookshelves.

Why Refinish Your Bookcase or Bookshelf?
Does your treasured heirloom bookshelf look worn out and clash with the rest of your furniture or decorations? You can breathe life back into an old bookcase by bringing it to get refinished.

Whether your bookshelf is a sentimental household objective, or if you want a great furniture piece to display as the centerpiece of your home, a bookcase provides a personalized touch. It can be great for design, but also as organized arrangements of books, art and collectibles.

Different Ways to Refinish Your Bookcase
There are plenty of ways that you can have your furnish refinished. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a wide range of wood finishes and finishing techniques. Perhaps you are interested in a surface coating, which is a clear, highly durable finish such as varnish, shellac or lacquer. Or, you could try a warm “natural” finish, a clear finish used to lustre and character to the wood, while also protecting it. Other options include pigmented finishes, which are not transparent but are more like paint. Pigmented finishes come in any color and sheen, and can have a distressed rustic look or a glazed smooth look. If you’re looking for a low lustre finish, you could also consider a penetrating finish. A penetrating finish penetrates the wood, rather than ‘setting up’ on the surface, and leaves no distinctive surface coating or film.

There are plenty of wood finishing options of your bookshelf, including waxing, staining, glazing and toning, pickling and liming and even bleaching! With so many options, you are sure to find one technique that will make your bookshelf look amazing. Should you want any options or suggestions, consider talking with the highly skilled team at Wayne Towle Master Finishing & Restoration, Inc. We pay attention to detail, and make sure to produce the highest quality results! Contact our custom wood refinishing company in Needham, MA to learn more!


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