Beware the simple chandelier!

About 3 times a month I will get a call, usually by someone who is quite upset, asking if I would be able to come over and touch up damage on the top of a formal dining room table.  When I ask what has happened they explain that the chandelier or a part of the chandelier has fallen on their table.  What most commonly has happened is that someone decided to clean the chandelier and discovered they can spin it on it base.  This allowed them to stand at the side of the table and simply spin the chandelier to clean it, one arm at a time.

Why is Woodworking the Most Important Aspect of a Kitchen Renovation?

If the next home project you decide to tackle is renovating your kitchen, you may not know that the woodwork you choose may be the most important aspect. Take a moment to think about it... what do you use in your kitchen everyday? Whether you're making a meal or getting a snack, you probably spend a lot of time opening the wooden cabinets and walking on the hardwood floors.

New Year, New Furniture: Restoration, Repair, Refinishing

As a new year begins this is the time where people start saying "new year, new me". Instead, why not new furniture? This is the time to make your plan for the year, finally redesign your kitchen, fix your old antique furniture, or fix/refinish/restore all of your aging furniture.

As time goes on furniture starts to break down through usage, accidents, and damage from water, sun, and more. By making your old furniture new again it can breathe life into a space that has become an eyesore.

Different Types of Architectural Woodworking

Architectural woodwork is essentially any product made out of wood.

Residential woodworking can be done on:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Mantels
  • Moldings
  • Staircases
  • Doors 
  • Bedrooms 
  • Great Rooms
  • Libraries
  • House Exteriors
  • Floors


What Is Involved In Antique Furniture Restoration?

The process involved in restoring antique furniture could take many different avenues depending on the condition of your furniture. Possible actions could be:

  • milling of a new piece
  • gluing loose joints
  • replacing part of the veneer
  • repairing broken parts
  • tightening up moldings

For example, take the antique mahogany card table below. It was damaged over the years due to the sun. 

Matching Furniture to Your Home

"I found a great piece of furniture, but the color doesn't match my home." Have you said this after finding the perfect piece of furniture? I am sure everyone has at least once after going yard sale hopping, looking through clearance items, or thrift shopping. All are great ways to find unique and amazing furniture for half the cost at a large department store. But what do you do when you've found the exact thing you have been looking for, but it's the wrong color?

What should I do about my ruined furniture after it has been damaged by fire and water?

Going through a home fire disaster is hard enough without thinking about how you will go about replacing all of your damaged furniture. One way to go about this might be to restore the furniture instead of deciding to buy all new furniture. If you loved the look and feel of your old furniture and do not want to lose that then call us and let us help you through this hard time by making your furniture look just like it had before the disaster.