How to Maintain Your Exterior Doors

All exterior woodwork especially doors need maintenance every few years. Due to years of exposure to the harsh weather extremes can cause the finish and wood to deteriorate in as little as a few years. 

Is your exterior woodwork correctly cared for? 

Take a closer look......

Is the finish dull, faded or gray?

Is the wood rough or dry to the touch?

Is the color washed-out and finish peeling?

Refinishing your door at the point can make door look new again and is actually quite cost effective and the only way to correctly protect your investment. Also, the price for refinishing is way less than replacing a door.

There is a multi-facet process for refinishing and each step involves a quality inspection.

  • Stripping the door on site or at shop with chemical stripper
  • Detailed sanding using 2 to 3 different grit sandpapers to achieve surface smoothness. 
  • Inspect the door for any additional repairs before the stain and finish is applied.
  • Stain application is then applied to achieve your desired coloration.  UV inhibited stains are   used to resist color fading over time.
  • Seal all surfaces with the very best quality Marine varnish.
  • light sanding in between coats to attain a smooth  

Apply 2 or more coats of marine varnish to achieve the desired depth of protection and sheen. Marine varnish is used on ships and boats to resist sun and water damage.  This product exhibits excellent wear characteristics when exposed to the elements.  

Unfortunately, nothing holds up to the element forever so be prepared to add a new coat of finish every two or three years. This process involves a light scuff and recoat of marine varnish.  If you do not maintain the coating, with regular topcoats, you’ll be refinishing more quickly.   

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