Why Choose Wayne Towle?

Master Finishing & Restoration, Inc. strives to achieve the highest excellence in architectural wood restoration and furniture refinishing. From the initial meeting to the final result, our fully trained staff will work with you to bring out the beauty in your woodwork and furniture.

With nearly 4 decades of experience, we are leaders in the field of architectural wood restoration and have set the standards for wood stripping, finishing and historic restoration.

The Written Proposal
A detailed written proposal is submitted after the project objectives are clearly defined, following the initial meeting. It will contains all the necessary steps to complete the project, eliminating any potential for miscommunication.

Our employees are fully trained in the use, application, and proper handling of all wood refinishing products. The training is in compliance with all state of federal laws.

All employees are provided with safety gear required by OSHA. We use:

Non-flammable Methylene Chloride based paint and varnish remover, as opposed to lye (also known as caustic).
A custom-made, explosion proof ventilation system to remove stripping and finishing fumes.

These precautions are for your safety as well as the safety of our employees. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of all products are available to all employees, customers, and public officials.

Our company carries Comprehensive Liability Insurance. This affords our customers the comfort of knowing that we take responsibility for any damage to your personal property caused by our company. We also carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, as mandated by the state of Massachusetts. Read more

Environmental Responsibility
Often times, contractors pour extra paint, varnish and chemical waste down the drain. On the other hand, Master Finishing & Restoration, Inc. properly disposes of all stripper sludge and expanded chemicals, as required by the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, Department of Environmental Protection. Our Generator’s US EPA ID No. is MA5000002337.

We care about you and your home, our employees and the environment.