Custom Color Matching

Are you a homeowner refinishing your beautiful custom cabinets, only to realize that it seems nearly impossible to find a color of wood stain that will match the color you’re looking for? Are you trying to match the woodwork in a new home but having trouble achieving a specific color? Custom color matching for newly added or repaired woodwork or furniture can be very difficult and time consuming.


What is color matching for?

Color matching can be used to match repaired or newly added woodwork to the same color as the existing woodwork. With the endless possibilities of woodwork colors, it’s extremely important to match the colors correctly so that any repairs don’t stand out.

Should I try color matching?

Color matching is a difficult task and can quite possibly ruin woodwork. We recommend that you find an expert who can help to match your woodwork or furniture. Wayne Towle offers custom color blending to match woodwork or furniture to others items in your home, such as wallpaper, your favorite piece of furniture and even drapes.


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