Fire and Water Damaged Furniture

What should I do about my ruined furniture after it has been damaged by fire and water?

Going through a home fire disaster is hard enough without thinking about how you will go about replacing all of your damaged furniture. One way to go about this might be to restore the furniture instead of deciding to buy all new furniture. If you loved the look and feel of your old furniture and do not want to lose that then call us and let us help you through this hard time by making your furniture look just like it had before the disaster. 

What Type of Wood Finishes are Right for your Project?

Have you been thinking about what look, feel, and maintenance you want for your wood furniture? Determining the type of wood finish to use is all about making sure you know what you want out of it in the end. There are many different types of finishes we offer here which include: Surface Coating, Natural Finishes, Pigmented Finishes, Penetrating Finishes, and Waxing.