What Is Involved In Antique Furniture Restoration?

The process involved in restoring antique furniture could take many different avenues depending on the condition of your furniture. Possible actions could be:

  • milling of a new piece
  • gluing loose joints
  • replacing part of the veneer
  • repairing broken parts
  • tightening up moldings

For example, take the antique mahogany card table below. It was damaged over the years due to the sun. 


antique mahogany card table


Now take a look at the restored piece. the color has been restored to the top of the table as well as the entire piece was brought back to its original color thanks to our expertise in color matching


restored antique card table


Do you have a piece of antique furniture that needs restoration, maybe from damage or just old age? Contact us today to learn how we can restore your cherished antique furniture to new.