Why is Woodworking the Most Important Aspect of a Kitchen Renovation?

If the next home project you decide to tackle is renovating your kitchen, you may not know that the woodwork you choose may be the most important aspect. Take a moment to think about it... what do you use in your kitchen everyday? Whether you're making a meal or getting a snack, you probably spend a lot of time opening the wooden cabinets and walking on the hardwood floors.

Remodeled Kitchen Ceiling

Now, imagine your cabinets as just a flat piece of wood with a handle, no finish, no detailing, no stand out color. Not exactly what you were thinking of when you thought about your dream kitchen, right? The woodwork you put into your kitchen will impact your everyday life from getting cereal each morning to putting away the dishes, so don't make it an afterthought.

Finished Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you understand the importance of the woodwork in your kitchen, let's talk about what you need to choose. First, you must decide what color is needed. Options could include black, to give your kitchen a modern look, or a light brown, to bring in an old world feel.

Renovated Kitchen with Woodworking

Next, determine the durability required. If you have children always running in and out, slamming cabinets and doors, then finding wood with high durability would be ideal.

Finally, if your home has historical importance, maintaining that look is important. So consider the existing details within the home and how to preserve the historical feel.

Now that you know the importance of woodworking and how it affects your kitchen remodel, all that is left is a simple choice... to contact us! We are masters in residential woodworking with expertise in not only kitchen remodeling but also historical restorations.