Furniture Don’ts

  1. Don’t use water or water based products  to clean your furniture.   (Well, unless it is Formica or plastic.)
  2. Don’t use sponges or paper towels, they are too abrasive.  (If a furniture sales person tells you that you can clean something with a sponge, soap and water, walk out.)
  3. Don’t use citrus based products.  They are too strong.
  4. Don’t use ammonia to clean furniture.  It will damage the finish and can discolor the wood underneath the finish. (It is OK to use a mild ammonia and water solution on floors that have been finished with polyurethane.) 
  5. Don’t polish hardware while it is still on your furniture.  The polish has ammonia in it and will damage your finish.
  6. Never apply oil to anything that other then furniture that was oiled in the first place.  It will not “feed the finish”.
  7. Never use fingernail polish or remover anywhere near your good furniture.   If you spill it, it will completely eat the finish.  
  8. Never use permanent magic markers on anything other then your crafts table.  The ink in the marker will travel through the finish and right into the wood.  
  9. Never iron on you dining room table.  (Seriously, I see this kind of damage at least once a month.)
  10. Never take something from the microwave and place it on your table.  It is too hot and could cause blushing.
  11. Never take something from the freezer and place it on your table.  It is too cold and could cause blushing.
  12. Never use a vinyl table cloth with the felt back, straight out of the package.  The strong chemical smell is a fume that is strong enough to actually soft the finish you are trying to protect and then stick, permanently. 

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